The Cyclopic Psychopath
Hi im Andrew i live in Sydney, NSW, Australia, im 15 years old and i like Batman, Starwars and wrestling. Im not a big fan of Siths or Jedi's i usally like the those skiff guards about to exicute luke, han and cheewy, or the cantina characters in the cantina crowd like djas puhr, myo and Ellorrs Madak the small characters in star wars. Im beginning to like the neimoidian aliens. Im starting to collect some star wars figures, and my favourite movies are the batman sagar and the starwars sagar and also starship troopers. I like drawring, and i hardly read, and i like the game postal 2, i have the star wars fact file, i hope i get along here and enjoy being here.


The Cyclopic Psychopath
Darth Aussie said:
Welcome Myo.....nice to see another Aussie. hope you like it here......

thankyou for the nice greeting, is their many aussies on this site?


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There's actually about 15 people from Australia that have posted here.

Have fun.