help me with my figures please!


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heya, i need some help. Came accross a load of mid 90's figures (all boxed and in good condition) and need a bit of advice about whats valuable, if anything.

i have

-han solo endor (green card)
-darth vader (green card)
-momaw nadon (green card)
-death star gunner (green/hologram)
-sand trooper (green/european)
-greedo (green/european)
-captain piett (green/slide)
-admiral ackbar (green/slide)
-luke skywalker celebration (green/slide)
-emperors royal guard (green/slide)
-ewowks (green/slide)
-grand moff tarkin (green/slide)
-ish tibb (green/slide)
-emperor palpatine (green/hologram)
-obi wan (green/slide) x2
-obi wan (green card) (this onehas an oriental sticker over the distribution details)

-han solo hoth (red card)
-ponda babba (green card)
-bib fortuna (green card)
-darth maul (with commtalk chip and no hood. with un-removable sticker)

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The best thing to do is check auction websites like eBay for auctions of the same figure or webstores like that sell second-hand figures, but both do tend to have over-inflated pricing. In the end, they're worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. :)


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you'll need to check variations too. that piet figure has a variation that can seperate the value by quite a bit.