Happy New Year!!!!!!


I hope everyone has great New Year's celebrations tonight! Remember to party responsibly. :drunk: 2002 is gonna be a HUGE year for Star Wars!

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Party! Party!

New Years Eve in New York, nothing else like it. :dance:

Probably will need a few days rest before you all see me again!:sleep:

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year:bday: :canada: :usa: :aussie:

Remember our people over there!


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:dance: :drunk: :dance:

Happy New Year!


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2002 is almost upon us and with its arrival will usher in the onslaught of new Star Wars merchandise. A new movie, which is looking incredible, will certainly be something to look forward to. Of course the toys and other merchandise will be something extraordinary in itself. I personally can't wait to walk into the store and witness all of the merchandise on the shelf. It will certainly bring back memories of when I restarted down the dark path (Star Wars collecting), May 3, 1999...the release of the E1 stuff.
I am hoping that you will continue to make The Bothan Spy a regular stop for Star Wars news. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far and hopefully it will only get better.

I would like to say Happy New Year to all the readers, sponsors, affiliates, and staff that are associated with this great site!

Please be responsible tonight while you are celebrating the arrival of 2002...the year of the Darth.

Also, please keep the thoughts of those who perished on 911, as well as all the heroic men and women of the countries allied to put and end to scum and villainy, in your thoughts and prayers. Have a drink for them!

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Happy New Year

I just wanted to send out a quick, but late, HAPPY NEW YEARS to every single person on this board. I hope the passing year was very good to you, and the comming year will be even better. I hope you are feeling better in the morning than I am!! :drunk: :hurl: :drunk: :hurl: :drunk: :hurl: :drunk:

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You said it right Redleader, we are all going to be broke... that second jobs looking pretty good

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