Genosis Area Showdown two-packs

Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
One of the chain stores here in New Zealand has just got the Genosis Arena Showdown two-packs. They originally had them priced at NZ$25 (~US$19.12), but a couple of days later dropped the price to only NZ$10 (~US$7.65) until Christmas Eve.

It really makes you wonder how much of a mark-up Hasbro and the shops put on things and what price the standard figures should really be. Even though they've reduced the price of these sets by 60%, I very much doubt they're selling them at a loss!! :mad:

I would offer to get some for anyone here, but by the time you add shipping it probably not really any cheaper than you can buy them locally. :(


Dark Lord of the Typos
That's a pretty good deal. They are Target exclusives here, and they retail for about $12-$13...and typically go on sale for $10.