General Autograph Discussion


Well it looks like I'll be quite ambitious this year in sending out autograph requests, just check out my stats thus far:
19 Autograph Requests Sent out in 2005
5 Pending, 12 Successes, 0 RTS.
22 Autograph Requests Sent out in 2006
18 Pending, 3 Successes, 1 RTS.
I've nearly already hit last year's mark in just under 4 months. I'll definatly write to all of the Battlestar Galactica cast this year. Last year I only wrote to 9 of them, getting 4 successes, this year I've already mailed off 10, and I plan to mail off at least 11 more.


Dark Lord of the Typos
That's quite a start to collecting Joel :) I'm having trouble keeping up this year. Let's see how my stats are.

In 2005 I sent out 33 requests:

10 are pending, 23 successful, 0 RTS

So far in 2006 I've sent out 25 requests:

17 pending, 7 successful, 1 RTS (bad zip code, which I corrected and got a response).


Well I've updated my stats and my statement, and I think a 75% success ratio in 2005 isn't that bad at all for TTM. Now that finals week is done and overwith, I've not got time to crank out the requests before being reassigned to the new base.