Gelagrub and Abregado Droid comparison


Dark Lord of the Typos
Just a heads up, I spotted the Gelagrub today at Target. It came in a case with the Endor Ewok Glider, Gunship Pod, and Commando Droid Battle Packs. Looks awesome. The clone trooper has a soft goods kama, so it's definitely "new" compared to previous versions of the Star Corps trooper.

On a side note, I was able to hold a carded Rocket Droid up to the Ambush at Abregado Target Exclusive pack for comparison. The two droids are different. While they are the "same" droid, the carded droid features dark gray paint highlights, with some silver weathering around the joints and edges. The Battle Pack droid has nearly black (charcoal) paint highlights, with apparently no silver weathering....although I seemed to notice some there may be a faint metallic overspray.