Galactic Battle Mat Review


Dark Lord of the Typos


I finally received my second Sgt. Bric figure and Galactic Battle Mat. After looking the two over, I chose my original to open. Both had some creasing damage from shipment. The Sgt. Bric figure itself is pretty nice. Typically Clone Wars figure with about 10 points of articulation. He comes with a Blastech DL-44 pistol like Han Solo uses, which can be place in his belt holster. The holster is a separately sculpted accessory placed on the figure.

The figure and mat come wrapped in a thin cardboard shell, which is what was damaged on mine. This shell is taped shut at the bottom. By cutting this tape, you can slide out the Battle Mat. The figure is in a clear plastic tray that is secured in place with plastic tabs. It is not aped or glued, so you can just “unsnap” the tray and remove the figure. It can be replaced without damaging the package. The figure is held in place with one clear rubber band.




Dark Lord of the Typos


The Galactic Battle Mat is intended to promote game-style play using the new Battle Dice and Character Cards. The mat features colorful artwork of a Separatist and Republic battlefield, not unlike Ryloth, with outlines showing where to place figures on their stands. It would seem that each player can place up to 10 figures on each side, with an extra space on the bridge for two combatants. What is not advertised, is that the mat doubles as a carrying case for figures. The ends of the thick rubber mat are shaped like handles, and the underside has 20 slots in which normal-sized figures can be stored. This is a nice surprise feature.


Overall, I’m not a big fan of the Galactic Battle game Hasbro is trying to implement. I think it may entertain younger kids, but older kids will quickly get bored with the concept. Basically, it’s like playing a game of Trumps. You role a die to pick a symbol, then match up numbers for that symbol on each characters card…and the highest number wins. More powerful characters will always be more likely to win a round. Of someone doesn't have an awesome figure, they are likely to lose a lot. With Trumps your card order is random. With this game, the only thing random is which number category you will use.

Still, the free figure stands are nice, and the colorful cards and mats kinda fun. Upcoming Battle Packs are supposed to include different Battle Mats with them. No word yet if they will double as storage cases too, or if they will simply be playmats.