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I'm going to attempt to list a few not-so-obvious changes that have happened in the forum. I will post these as I have time (and as they occur to me).

I'll start with the "postbit". This is the part of the forum that shows up when you post a message (includes your avatar and basic info such as name, etc).

In the first image that I've attached, several things are highlighted.
  1. Clicking on an avatar will take you to that member's home page
  2. Clicking on the "post number" will take you to a page containing only that post
  3. If the users postbit has a blinking green light, then that user is currently online
The second image that I've attached shows how you can access more "stuff" about a member by clicking on their name. Clicking on the member's name creates a dropdown menu.


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Hiding & Showing Parts of the Forum

If you see a + or - icon in a menu bar, this indicates that you can hide or show the rest of that group. For example, on the main forum page, if you click on the - icon on the General Topics menu bar, it will collapse that group so that you don't see it. Clicking on the + icon will uncollapse it.

The forum will remember these settings as long as you stay logged in.


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Private Messages

1) The maximum number of stored private messages has been increased to 100. This includes PMs from all your folders, not just your inbox.

2) If you want to archive your messages, you can download them to a xml, csv or txt file. This will allow you to free up space without losing your old messages.

If you have questions about doing this, let me know.