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Hello again everyone, the Fall Madness Sale is in full swing at we are slashing prices on all in stock Saga Figures, its crazy. We have also some more pre-orders to the list which are just a few more reasons to stop by and have a look And in case you have missed it, wave 1 of the 30th anniversary is still available for pre-order so get yours now, you don't want to miss out on these super hot figures.


Gentle Giant Star Wars Bust-Ups Bounty Hunters Boxed Set $26.99
Star Wars Expanded Universe Darth Vader & Rebel Fleet Trooper $13.99


Star Wars Expanded Universe Grand Moff Tarkin & Stormtrooper $12.99
Star Wars Expanded Universe Han Solo in Disguise & Chewbacca $12.99


Star Wars Expanded Universe: Wave 1 - Set of 3 $34.99
Star Wars 30th Anniversary Wave 1 Set of 8 Figures $63.99

All the best, ForceOne Team​