For Sale: Action Fleet Items


Ewok Cheif
Since ive jumped out of this hobby quite a bit, im gonna start selling some of it piece by piece.

Heres what I have for sale right now. All are Saga Action Fleet Items.

Naboo Starfighter
Solar Sailer
Milennium Falcon
TIE Advanced x1
X-Wing Fighter

Please Email me and not PM me, if you want the fastest response. Let me know what you are interested in, and we can negotiate a price.



Ewok Cheif
Here are more items:

12" saga line

-Geonosian Warrior
-Zam Wesell
-Count Dooku
-Obi Wan Kenobi
-Clone Commander

Ships, etc

-Jedi Starfighter
-Republic Gunship
-Luke Skywalker's X-Wing


Dark Lord of the Typos
Hi CC,

Sorry to hear you're "jumping out." :( What's the deal? Just curious. :)

I don't have the money now to help you out, but you might mention if your items are loose or packaged. I hope you won't be completely parting ways with The Bothan Spy?


Ewok Cheif
Just because im jumping out of collecting doesnt mean im leaving this place!

Nah. Its just collecting began to pester me when Hasbro just kept creating more and more of nearly the exact same thing.

Collecting these things didnt completely agree with my budget and with my "completionist" attitude.

But Im definitely going to stay here, and im also not getting rid of all my stuff.

And yes, all things are completely packaged and in very nice condition.


Dark Lord of the Typos
And I thought we were finally gonna get rid of you ;)

I mean, glad you'll still be around. :p

I understand your frustration, though. Being between movies, were seeing the best and the worst of Hasbro's marketing. :rolleyes: