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Man, I have to say this, but after many a day of checking all the SW sites out there, this is ALREADY my first and last stop of the day. All you guys who built this page from the bottom up, you have something to be very proud of. This site is awosme!! :rockon:

Any ways, this is just a quick thank you to for the hard work you all put in to a wonderful site.


Rich Kulach


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Those are some pretty high compliments and I want to thank you for them. :)

I'm very pleased that you, and everyone else that I've heard from, are enjoying the site. I could talk about the work that went into making it, but the thing that sums it up for me is that I had no idea if we'd catch on or not. And, needless to say, it makes me very proud that we have caught on as well as we have.

This site is for you and everyone else as much as it is for me and the rest of the "staff". Let me know if you ever have any thoughts or ideas about what we can do to make the site even better.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to post! :spin:


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:bday: :balloons: Happy Birthday, it looks like you're getting really old now :evil:

j/k :roflmao:


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Thanks for the comments regarding the site! We will continue to make this site bigger and better so stick with us!

Wookiee_Cookiee: I hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday!


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I think I found a new place to set up my soapbox!

Kick butt site peoples!:rockon: :king: :hello:

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Hey Blue Harvest,

thanks mate, i owe Borsk for that one. nice avatar custom made for me and pretty good too i reckon. top bloke too.. like all the guys here.....
Also Happy Birthday Wookiee Cookiee, glad to see you're having a great time at Bothanspy

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