eChocolate Eggs Confiscated at U.S. Border

2 Seattle men stopped at border for illegal candy

"SEATTLE (AP) -- Two Seattle men say they spent more than two hours in a detention center at the Canadian border after U.S. border agents discovered illegal chocolate eggs in their car.

Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney told KOMO-TV they decided to bring home some treats for friends and family during a recent trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. They bought Kinder Eggs - chocolate eggs with a toy inside.

The two men say border guards searched their car and said the eggs are illegal in the United States because young children could choke on the small plastic toys. Importing them can lead to a potentially hefty fine."

Well, well. It seems that in addition to Kinder Eggs (which had Star Wars hippos in them years ago), the JACK eggs from Argentina, Bondy Fiesta eggs from Mexico, semi-vintage Tombola eggs might also be suspect.

... so the lesson is, when buying your candy egg goods from across a border, make sure to buy them already opened (packaging and toys only; no food.)

This also explains why Amercia isn't having any problems with Canadians sneaking in. The border to the north is so secure, a chocolate egg cannot even smuggle a potentially life threatening small toy into the country without being detected.

"A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman declined to comment about the case Tuesday night."

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Furry Ewok
I read about that ridiculous law a while back. You really have to wonder why are our taxes being wasted to continuing to pay so many politicians - there are obviously far too many of them who have no useful work to do, so come up with even sillier ideas than usual. :rolleyes:

Kids can choke on ANYthing, so what are the idiot politicians going to do? Ban everything smaller than a certain size, including banning ALL food!?

The same happens here in New Zealand too. The morons in the local Auckland City Council have just agreed to pay millions of tax payer dollars to host a V8 car race - a decision they made knowing that the race organisers were refusing to reveal all the data / facts / costs, and that the race was dropped by a neighbouring city council because it has made a massive loss every year they hosted it! :(

This also explains why Amercia isn't having any problems with Canadians sneaking in. The border to the north is so secure ...

Nope, they just want to be able to buy simple things like Kinder Surprise eggs, so stay in a country with (currently) fewer silly laws. ;)