Dooku Speeder comparison


Dark Lord of the Typos
So I snagged a Dooku Speeder Bike on clearance at a Walmart this past week for $11.00. Not a huge discount, but still...can't beat $5 off.

I opened it today and compared it to the original Speeder from AOTC. They are completely different, as far as paint scheme goes....although they are essentially painted in teh same design.

The original speeder is sort of a bronze color with a single shade of gray on all non-bronze parts. The Clone Wars version is more of a copper color, with blue-gray and charcoal gray parts.

Also, the original had an action feature the new one lacks. It had a large raised button on the back of the hull. Press it down and it make the seat back move forward.....thus hitting a button on Dooku's belt causing him to swing his saber. The new Clone Wars speeder has no's hull has been resculpted more accurately without this feature.

So, if you missed this hard to find speeder back in 2002-2003, this new alternative is as good if not better. For need it. For those who already have a Dooku speeder, this is very similar to the original, but not the same.

The Clone Wars figure is also different from it's carded counterpart, with added articulation and a soft goods cape.