Does anybody use


New Recruit
It's worth it to me, at 4.95 a month, but overall it's cheaper if you subscribe for a longer time. It's the best site for tracking and who's getting stuff back and how long it takes.
I use it on a daily basis, not only is great for address but it has great features which allow you to keep track of outstanding and successful requests, that alone is worth the subscription to me


Dark Lord of the Typos
I use it. It has thousands of addys. Most of the SW addy's on StarTiger are on Wattographs. If they aren't...they end up there thanks to SW collectors. However, it is really useful in comparing responses and response times.

If you collect numerous autographs, it might be worth it. If you only collect SW, then you could probably get by with Wattographs and other SW related sites. Most of the addy's here on the Spy are cross-checked with StarArchive and Wattographs before being posted as a project. However, you really need a full database to have an up-to-date impression of how the responses are coming.


While Star Wars autos are my absolute favorite to collect, I definitely collect a wide variety. I am really leaning towards this. I appreciate everybody's help here. I haven't heard any complaints yet so I guess that's a good sign. Thanks again!


Dark Lord of the Typos
The only drawback isn't really on with StarTiger. I find it's slow to use with my computer, becuse it's java-intensive. I have dial-up and an old Windows 98 pc. The combination makes for slow searching for me. This shouldn't be a major problem for anyone. If you are worried about it....go to ebay and try searching for stuff. If you have trouble typing text in the search box at ebay (delayed response time), then you will have similar slowness at ST. That's all I can think of. Also, if you do subscribe...I recommend you put your settings to manually resubscribe each opposed to automatically resubscribing.