Do you collect...


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Do you like to collect variations? Or do you pass on them?

Personally, I don't collect them. The only one's I have are the RC'd US figures (Luke Stormtrooper, Jawas..etc), and LS figure's from the Canadian bilingual square card line. Very rare, and in my own personal opinion, worth more then the US LS figures, simply because they were released in extremely low numbers.

Anyway, that is my two bits!


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Just me?

Ouch! Can't believe I'm the only mad dog variant collector in this spy system :flame:
I try to collect them all within reason ( cash reason ) of course.
Have all the "Maries", Both Cols Ponda Boba Grays, Capt. Piett w/ Baton sticker, SOTE re-tooled Vader, R2D2 Imperial and Saber on the right side, Lando on GC to name a few. Love to trade variants. Don't have Leia Boushh purple card Col 1 or Leia Boushh GC .01. Missing others also.