Death Star Trooper


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Overall, this was an interesting figure I thought. But I'm not using it as intended. I took mine and pulled the gloves off and undressed the figure. I had purchased a Pilot Luke who was looking different from his friends Wedge and Biggs. Switched heads on the bodies so now my Luke has flight gloves too.

I ditched the helmet and now I have a nice Imperial officer. Also, (since I bought 2 DS troopers) I used the head from one and put in on my TIE pilot, then the other one was the pilot in his non-flight gear.

Anyone else?


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I don't really collect 12" figures. However, I would love to see the pics of your customized figs. Any chance you can send some to me?


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Sad to say that until I figure out the dang digital camera, my figs won't be appearing on websites anytime soon.
My figures are currently residing at the local toy store (Toy Constortium) where they are on display. They include:

Lao-Jon Yung, my Tales of the Jedi era Jedi knight character
Torin "Novahawk" Hunter, my Z95 Headhunter pilot character
My 2nd Novahawk, but in non flight suit.
"Lucky", my bith mercenary
Snake, my alien bounty hunter

I've also done a very nice Arden Lynn (from Masters of Teras Kasi)

Non-SW figures I've made 2 colonial Marines from Aliens and a Swashbuckler/Pirate