Darth Bane novels


Dark Lord of the Typos
I just finished the second Darth Bane book last night....it was good. I thought I'd take the time to comment on the books a little without really spoiling anything.

Darth Bane is, of course, the Sith lord who initiated the Rule of Two....one master and one apprentice, that kept the Sith line hidden for a thousand years and ultimately led to Palpatine controlling the galaxy.

The first book details his personal origins, his Sith training, and retells the climactic events of the Jedi/Sith War of 1000 years before A New Hope. This first book is very interesting, IMO, and does justice to an important story line. The events of the war were first told in the Jedi Vs Sith comic book, that, while adequately chronicling the events, was a really diappointing mini-series. The comic just skipped across the story and featured very cartoony artwork and, IMO, very un-Star Warsy vehicle designs and character attitudes. No offense to the artist or writers....who have done other SW tales....it just didn't fit the importance of the story arc in my mind. (To quote Luke, my initial thoughs on the comics were, "What a piece of junk!")The novel however, really does justice to these galactic events.

The second novel takes place some time after events of the first book, and not as much really happens, at least not on such an epic scale. However, the story is still entertaining and details a number of personal hurdles for Darth Bane and his apprentice, both in their own training and in acheiving their Sith goals.

I'm looking forward to the third book, which is now out in hardcover....although I'll be waiting for a softcover version myself.

Up next is 501st, the latest Republic (er..Imperial) Commando novel. The Commando novels are among my all-time favorite SW books. :)