Dallas Comic Con Report


Dark Lord of the Typos
So yesterday Erica and I spontaneously decided to go to the Dallas Comic Con. She had to work last night, so we caught about 4 hours of the con, then headed home. We ran into our friend Stephen, who is also a Royal Guard, as well as our friend Phil and his sons (he was Vader at the Weird Al concert). I bumped into him a couple times at CV, so we caught up on some of his CV experiences. Also ran into a few other peope we knew from All-Con, CV, or otherwise. Alan Harris (Bossk) and Mike Edmonds (Logray) were there....I stopped and chatted briefly with Mike about CV...he had stayed in the same hotel as us and we had kinda bumped into each other at the bar. Looked like a slow event for them, despite it being a small venue and packed with people. Edward James Olmos was also there, although I never caught site of him....think he was doing a panel when we were near the autograph area.

Dealer room had tons of cool stuff...some cheap..some not. Erica and I snagged some Royal Guard and Wampa Mighty Muggs cheap. Erica found me a carded Royal Guard Bend-Em for only $3. Never been a fan of Bend-Ems...but this one looks pretty decent and I wanted it for my growing Royal Guard collection. I also picked up a vintage GI Joe Crusader Space Shuttle (not to be confused with the massive Defiant) for only $10. It's missing the fins, and a few small parts, but is simply awesome. Came with Payload, the pilot. Also snagged a vintage PDT-8 mini-rig with opened ESB box for $10.....been needing one of those since I was little. Also snagged a Dengar bust, and wanted to talk a guy down on a Mara Jade bust, but simply didn't have the cash (no credit). The Official Pix booth had cheap leftover photos from CV.....I snagged a B&W photo of C-3PO, Cal Alder, and Major Derlin, just because it was awesome and would be a nice companion to my through-the-mail signatures. They also were blowing out old stock they had, so we got: ROTS binder $2.50, Celebration Japan postcards $5, CJ Tsuneo Sanda Vader/Fuji Volcano print $10, and CJ Ewok Bearbrick 2-pack $5. Lastly, we spoke with Bill Williams, who is a comic writer (and artist?), who has written a number of Angel back-up stories and a Spike mini-series, along with some Justice League work. We got signed Spike and Justice League comics from him.

Erica dressed up in the Jabba costume for the last 25 minutes...and got a lot of compliments and photos. I don't think Mike Edmonds (who also manipulated Jabba's tail in ROTJ) had ever seen one before...he seemed to be checking it out. Some slightly crazy Doctor Who fangirls came over and scanned Erica with their sonic screwdrivers (or whatever they are) and decided to dance with Jabba.

A few things we missed out on.....a couple of the stars of Machete showed up and were signing autographs...I think the sigs were free but the photos were $5. I'm really looking forward to Machete (based on the fake movie trailer attached to the Grindhouse movie Planet Terror). I just learned about it this week when we saw the real trailer attached to Predators at the dollar theater. Time and money willing, it would have been nice to get their autographs. I think James O'Barr (creator of The Crow) was also supposed to be there somewhere.....would have been nice to meet him.

Anyway, a good time was had all around. Too bad the money we spent was supposed to help pay off the CV hotel bill. :p



Dark Lord of the Typos
Alas, no Michelle Rodriguez. My co-worker asked me the same question. By the way did you get much bad weather from Hurricane Earl? It looked awfully close to PR.


Sith Hamsters Handler
Ahhhh... No Michelle.. :( I read that she was th DJ in Vin Diesel Birthday Party here in PR. I hope she doesnt die in Machete.

Earl missed us but we got some heavy rains, strong wind, power and water failure. I was suppose to work from home because of the weather but the power went off. Reading Facebook status I guess there is some parts that still having problem with the power.

Today was normal day of work but on Thursday Fiona pass us under which means more rains and winds. Below a little video I took in front on my house and Earl was still about 6 hours from my home.

Some WInds and rain from Earl