Collectible of the Day 170 - Thai Pepsi cans


Dark Lord of the Typos
For the Special Editions, Pepsi released various flavors in bottles and cans in Thailand. There are at least 7 different cans to be found, including 7-Up, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Green Apple, and Mirinda Strawberry, all featuring the Millennium Falcon on the can. Pepsi Max has a Stormtrooper, while regular Pepsi has Darth Vader on the can. The Vader can is known to have two with a tiered or stepped ridge to the top, as seen in these photos. The other version has a smooth slope to the top of the can, like you seen on most soda cans. It's entirely possible that all the Thai cans were available in both versions, but so far only the Vader Pepsi has been documented.

It should be noted that these cans have pull-tops, something not found on domestics cans for quite some time. Foreign cans come in a variety of different styles. Some are use thicker or thinner aluminum than domestic ones, different tabs, and various can sizes and shapes. Quality control can be different as well. You may notice in the photo that the base to this can is not level. If you were to stand it on a table, it would lean to the side like a famous leaning tower.