Collectible of the Day 042 - Coloring Books


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Collectible of the Day​


Today we have a pair of coloring books by Creative Edge LLC. I purchased these today at Target in their dollar section (called One-Spot). As the name implies, they only cost $1 each. The book with the Darth Vader cover features lots of Jedi and Sith images from the prequels, with some Vader and Imperial shots thrown in. The Stormtrooper coloring book, titled Loyal Forces, is what really caught my eye. The cover art originally appeared on the cardback for Hasbro’s Unleashed Stormtrooper figurine. This coloring book has plenty of Clone Trooper, Stormtrooper, and Wookiee artwork. According to the cover, it also has 16 pages of “Manga Art.” What is actually has is 16 pages artwork by Star Wars artist Jake! His artwork has graced numerous t-shirts and Celebration badges. Included in this coloring book is his Stormtrooper helmet and crossbones image. Whether your are picking up a collectible, or just a fun activity for yourself or a friend (of any age), these coloring books are a steal.

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