Clone Wars starfighter - ebay steal


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So earlier this week I went to my mailbox and discovered an ebay steal waiting for me. :) I'd found an auction for a "Clone Wards Jedi Starfighter" still in box. No photo. Not much more of a description, other than box in pretty good condition. $2. $5 shipping. Now, I've been looking for a green Clone Wars (2003) starfighter for some time now. They rarely sell on ebay loose (and if they do, not cheap). They sell boxed in the $60 range, give or take. Well, I figured, what with the crappy listing, I can afford to take a gamble. I figured I get a green starfighter, an Anakins Azure Angel starfighter, or one of the two brand new red or yellow starfighters. Worst case scenario, a titanium ship at retail price.

So I bid, and upped my bid the last day for insurance. After looking at the guys other auctions, all with photos, they were all very accurately titled, including a different jedi starfighter. So, my confidence in the auction was boosted. Luckily, my extra bid secured me the ship. :) I won it for $6.00, an shipping made it about $12 total. And what was it.....the hard to find green Clone Wars starfighter!!!

Sadly, the _______________ (insert descriptive) seller wrapped the ship box only in brown mailing paper and sent it on it's way. Naturally, the otherwise decent package had now become crushed during mailing. Good thing I'd planned on opening it anyway. Most of the crushing was on the back of the box, so it's still relatively displayable. But honestly....even if I didn't make any money on an auction I'd still wrap an item securely...not just slap a mailing label on it.

I actually had this happen to me a couple months ago with some vintage plastic 7-11 cups. These cups are notoriously brittle. The seller even e-mailed me after I won to inform me that she accidentally cracked one while washing it that day. No big deal....I explained they were very brittle, and, since it was three of the same cup, I was okay with it. So what did she do....she put all three cups in a bubble envelope (!) and mailed them. Of course, all three cups arrive with splits up and down them. On the plus side, one of them is relatively displayable (and I only paid a few dollars), but that's not the point.

Anyway, sorry for the tirade. I'm still thrilled with my lucky break. Been a long time since I've gotten that good of a deal.


Buzz Bumble

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Wow! A "Clone Wards Jedi Starfighter" ... really?? They must be ultra-ultra rare. I've never even heard of another one Hasbro has misprinted that badly. Maybe it's really an Asian copy. ;)

Sounds like a great find / buy. :)

We sometimes get stuff through the mail that's badly damaged too. Even tins of biscuits / cookies from my Grandmother in England when we were little used to arrive with big dents in them. Luckily most of the toys she sent arrived more safely.

Down here we've been getting the newer waves of 3 3/4" figures and vehicles quite regularly (even the Galactic Heroes sets turn up from time to time) ... pity I stopped buying them a few years ago when we were getting virtually nothing.

Now it's the novels that seem to be having problems. Since Border Australia / NZ was bought out by another company they've been getting slack at stocking the new novels and I've just realised I'm missing about six. They even advertised the novel for the Legends of Ga'hoole movie and then never bothered to stock any (it was only ever listed as "Special Order" in their computer system). :(