Clone Cash is back!


Dark Lord of the Typos
So I just opened the Ki-Adi-Mundi, Goji, and Flametrooper figures I picked up on sale earlier this week. Inside each, I found Clone Cash. Not quite as nice as the first time around, the first one I found was for $5 off any $20 SW Vehicle Purchase. Happy with this, and knowing I can get my store to use it for "Hoth Vehicle" packs as the label says(ie...Hoth Ultimate Battle Packs), the BAT-AT, or normal Vehicles, I quickly began planning my attack next week with all my other discounts. But alas...the other two figs came with $5 off any $15 lightsaber ..... something I might use in January...on clearance.

So...Clone Cash is back....but it's hit or miss as far as usefullness. :( On the plus don't expire until April 2011.