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Lightning Bear
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Hi All!

Well I am back home now after a long flight. I want to thank you all for coming by to meet me. It was a real privilage and honor. For all the rest of the members, you could not have had better representives. They were always nice, considerate and helpfull.

Special thanks to Kevin for coming all the way from Ireland and the help and kindness he gave me during the convention.

Hope to meet the rest of you in the future.

Lightning Bear

Darth Boru

Celtic Sith
Finally back on the boards after C IV. Long flight home, tons of work waiting for me, got ill, had PC issues, but all pretty much back to normal now - hopefully.

The trip was fantastic, had a great time meeting the Spies and generally getting into the spirit of things.

We met some of our interviewees - Lightning Bear, Barrie Holland and Tim Dry. They all took time out to chat with us and get some photos - more on that later. Absolutely fantastic to meet Barrie and Tim for the first time and fabulous to meet Bear again and have a chance to chat. A very memorable trip, one I hope to repeat if there should be another Celebration!


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A group shot of us outside the convention center is on page 76 of the Jan/Feb issue of the Star Wars Insider (#98)! We look awesome.

No mention of the spy, but there are spy members in the pic, since we have some yahoo fan group crossover.

Yay us!!