Chewie's Revised Trade List


The Mighty Wookiee
Please ignore all my other posts. This is my new trading list compiled into one topic. Thanks for looking!

Action Figures and McDonalds Toys

I have four action figures from the Episode I - Phantom Menace series I would like to trade.

Senator Palpatine (with Senate Cam Droid)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo) (with Lightsaber and Handle)
TC-14 Protocol Droid (with Serving Tray)
Battle Droid (Dirty)

30th Anniversary Collection #03 Mustafar Lava Miner
30th Anniversary Collection #19 Jawa & LIN Droid (Tatooine Scavenger)
30th Anniversary Collection #21 McQuarrie Concept Chewbacca
30th Anniversary Collection #35 Darth Malak
30th Anniversary Collection #36 Qymaen jai Sheelal (Pre-cyborg Grievous)
30th Anniversary Collection #47 McQuarrie Concept Han Solo
30th Anniversary Collection #54 Pax Bonkik (Rodian Podracer Mechanic)

Revenge of the Sith #38 AT-TE Tank Gunner
Revenge of the Sith #51 Captain Antilles
Revenge of the Sith #60 Grievous' Bodyguard (White) ((Not #8))
Revenge of the Sith #61 Passel Argente

If you are interested please post or PM me.


I am also desperately looking for #5 and #8 (R2-D2 and Padme; both unopened) from the McDonalds Clone Wars toy series to complete my collection.
I will trade any of my McDonalds extras in exchange.

#1 Anakin Skywalker
#2 Darth Vader
#7 Yoda
#9 Han Solo
#10 Chewbacca
#11 Luke Skywalker
#13 Asajj Ventress
#14 Boba Fett
#18 Captain Rex

This is a list of spare autographs I have available for trade. They are all signed on white 3x5 index cards unless otherwise noted. If you are interested, please shoot me a message and we can work something out. I'm not really that picky - there's a lot of people I'd accept.

-Colin Higgins (Rebel Briefing Room pilot aka "The Fake Wedge")
-Oliver Ford Davies (Governor Sio Bibble)
-Julian Glover (General Maximilian Veers)
-Ken Colley (Admiral Firmus Piett)
-Michael Culver (Captain Lorth Needa)
-Harry "Aitch" Fielder (Corporal Grenwick) (Inscribed To Zack)
-James Taylor (Voice of Rune Haako)
-Barry Robertson (Gamorrean Guard)
-Brian Blessed (Boss Nass)
-Peter Sumner (Lt. Pol Treidum)
-Mark Capri (Officer M'Kae)
-Vic Armstrong (Han Stunt Double)
-Sal Fondacaro (Ewok) (Inscribed to Zack)
-Toby Philpott (Jabba's Left Arm Operator) (Signed customs declaration)
-David Acord (GH-7 Medical Droid) (signed Battle Droid trading card; Inscribed to Zack)
-James Earl Jones (Darth Vader Voice) (signed trading card)
-Amy Allen (Aayla Secura) (signed 4x6 photo)
-Danny Wagner (Mawhonic & ILM Model Maker)

-Richard Chew
-John Dykstra
-Lorne Peterson
-Harrison Ellenshaw
-David Sosalla
-Pete Romano
-Alex Jaeger
-Rob Bonstin
-Alan Roderick-Jones
-Grant Imahara (signed 8x10)
-Howard Gersh (signed trading card)
-Doug Chiang (signed trading card)
-Frank Ordaz

-Tom Kane (Yoda)
-Nika Futterman (Asajj Ventress)
-James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan) (signed trading card)
-Matt Lanter (Anakin) (signed trading card)
-Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka) (signed trading card)
-George Krstic (Writer - Downfall of a Droid, Storm Over Ryloth)
-Sergio Paez (Storyboard Artist)

-Bruce Zick
-Dave Seeley
-Otis Frampton
-Robert Hendrickson
-Omaha Perez
-Marc Sasso
-Steven D. Anderson
-Bob McLeod
-Nick Choles
-Michael Zeck
-Matt Busch
-Raven Mimura
-Sonia Hillios
-Randy Emberlin
-Bob Eggleton
-William O'Connor
-Tom Baxa
-Carol Lay
-Christopher Moeller
-Brent Anderson
-Chris Eliopoulos

-Steven Barnes
-Sean Stewart
-David Sherman
-Drew Karpyshyn
-Rebecca Moesta
-John Peel
-William C. Dietz
-Elizabeth Levy
-Jeanne Cavelos
-Frank Allnutt
-Jerry Oltion
-Scott Allie
-Daniel Keys Moran
-Pete Vilmur
-Deborah Chester
-Steve Niles
-Nathan P. Butler
-Dave Wolverton (signed label)
-Donald F. Glut (Inscribed to Zack)
-Alan Dean Foster (Inscribed "Hi Zack!")


-Rob Paulsen (Voice Actor)
-Ed Asner (Master Vrook in the KOTOR games)
-Raphael Sbarge (Carth in the KOTOR games) (Inscribed To Zach)
-Dave Fennoy (Dunari in X-Wing Alliance) (Inscribed to Zack)

Here is my list of non-Star Wars autographs up for trade. Again, these are all on white 3x5 index cards and ALL obtained TTM. I will be more than happy to send scans to anyone who asks as well. Again, if you offer an autograph of someone I don't have, Star Wars or not, I will probably accept. Thanks for looking!!!

-Ann B. Davis
-Doris Roberts
-Jean Stapleton
-Casey Kasem
-Dick Vitale
-Ernest Borgnine
-Larry Manetti
-Michael Caine (Possibly Secretarial...)
-Orson Bean
-Ian Holm
-John Hurt
-Dominic Cooper
-Debbie Reynolds
-Bob Saget (Inscribed to Zack)
-Daniel Wallace (Author of Big Fish)
-Christopher Paolini (Author)
-Bobby Allison (Retired NASCAR driver)
-Clint Bowyer (NASCAR driver) (signed trading card)
-Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge - Harry Potter)
-Heather Beck (Author... many autographs available)

Just a couple of SIGNED 8X10 PHOTOS too...

-Al Roker (Inscribed to Zach)
-Richard Roeper (Inscribed to Zach)
-Jeff Kottkamp (Lt. Governor of Florida)

Blank UNSIGNED 8x10 of John O'Hurley
PREPRINTED 8x10 of Drew Carey
PREPRINTED 5x7 of Henry Winkler
PREPRINTED 5x7 of Bob Saget

For this, I don't really have much interest in trading FOR Star Wars cards, what I need is a few NBA and NASCAR cards as described below if anyone has some of those laying around. In return, I can provide a bunch more NBA, NASCAR, or STAR WARS cards. Thanks! (I don't care about series or number or anything. Just a general card of the person is fantastic!)

A.J. Allmendinger
Marcos Ambrose
Sam Hornish Jr.
Paul Menard
Juan Pablo Montoya
Scott Speed
Patrick Carpentier
Bill Elliott
Boris Said
Scott Riggs
Bobby Hamilton Jr.
Richard Petty
Wally Dallenbach
Hermie Sadler
Cale Yarborough
Danica Patrick
Tony Kanaan
Helio Castroneves
Dario Franchitti

-Maurice Ager, Brook Lopez (Nets)
-Chris Duhon (Knicks)
-DeMarcus Nelson, Joakim Noah (Bulls)
-Arron Afflalo (Pistons)
-Roy Hibbert, Josh McRoberts, Brandon Rush, Jamaal Tinsley (Pacers)
-Andrew Bogut, Luc Mbah a Moute (Bucks)
-Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Jermaine O'Neal, Dwyane Wade (Heat)
-Rafer Alston, Tony Battie, Marcin Gortat, Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus, J.J. Redick, Hedo Turkoglu (Magic)
-Shane Battier, Joey Dorsey (Rockets)
-Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies)
-Mike Taylor (Clippers)
-Trevor Ariza, Derek Fisher, Adam Morrison, Lamar Odom (Lakers)
-Robin Lopez (Suns)
-Kevin Love (Timberwolves)
-Greg Oden, Shavlik Randolph (Trail Blazers)

THANKS! Any suggestions for other sites I could post this on as well?