Celebration IV autograph list


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Ok....here is a list of all 57 attendees....with a possible 3 more guests of honor pending. (Numbers 1, 2, 3 indicate number of $10 coupons required for an autograph).

Amy Allen - Aayla Secura 2
Kenny Baker - R2-D2 (Saga) 2
Lightning Bear – Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers (ANH, ESB, ROTJ) 1
Jerome Blake - Rune Haako, Mas Amedda, Orn Free Taa, Oppo Rancisis 1
Paul Blake - Greedo (ANH) 1
Richard Bonehill - Snowtrooper, Rebel soldier, tauntaun (TESB) 1
Michonne Bourriague - Aurra Sing (TPM) 1
Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett 2
Debbie Carrington - Ewok 1
Michael Carter - Bib Fortuna (RotJ) 2
Ken Colley. Admiral Piett, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi 1
John Coppinger - Puppeteer, Jabba the Hutt (RotJ) 1
Sean Crawford - Yak Face and Mon Calamari officer (RotJ) 1
Dermot Crowley - General Crix Madine 1
Anthony Daniels - C3PO (Saga) plus cameo in AOTC $35
Grey Delisle - voice of Padme, Shaak Ti and Asajj Ventress from CLONEWARS cartoon 2
Tim Dry - J’Quille (Whiphid) and Mon Calamari (RotJ) 1
Mike Edmunds - Logray (RotJ), Ugnaught (TESB) 1
Nina Fallon. Stass Allie, Revenge of the Sith 2
Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia (Original Trilogy) $35
Anthony Forrest - Fixer, stormtrooper, A New Hope 2
Julian Glover - General Veers 2
Rusty Goffe - Kabe, Jawa, Gonk (ANH) 1
Garrick Hagon - Biggs Darklighter (ANH) 1
Collin Higgins - X-wing pilot (ANH) 1
Barrie Holland - Lieutenant Renz (RotJ) 1
Gerald Home - Tessek, Mon Calamari officer (RotJ) 1
Zach Jensen - Kit Fisto (AOTC) 1
Tom Kane. Voice of Yoda, Clone Wars 2
Mike Kingma - Tarfful 2
Nalini Krishan - Barriss Offee (AotC, RotS) 1
Richard Le Parmentier - Admiral Motti (ANH) 1
Ian Liston - Wes Janson, Wedge Antilles’ tailgunner, (TESB) 1
Jake Lloyd (on Sat & Sun) $25
Daniel Logan – Boba Fett (AOTC) 2
Mat Lucas - Clone Wars voice of Anakin 2
Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca (Original Trilogy, RotS) 2
Shannon McRandle - Mara Jade (Star Wars trading card game) 1
Temuera Morrison – Jango Fett 2
Rena Owen - Taun We (AotC), Senator Nee Alavar (RotS) 1
Mary Oyaya - Luminara Unduli (AotC, RotS) 1
Ray Park - Darth Maul (TPM) 2
Bonnie Piesse - Beru Lars (AotC, RotS) 2
David Prowse - Darth Vader (Original Trilogy) 3
Tim Rose - Admiral Ackbar, Salacious Crumb, Sy Snootles (RotJ) 1
George Roubicek - Commander Praji (ANH) 2
Alan Ruscoe - Plo Kloon, Daultay Dofine, Bib Fortuna 1
Margo (Apostos) Schellhorn - Ewok 1
Andy Secombe - Watto 1
Orli Shoshan - Shaak Ti (AotC, RotS) 2
Felix Silla - Ewok (and Twiki from BUCK ROGERS!) 1
Bruce Spence - Tion Medon (RotS) 2
Femi Taylor - Oola (RotJ) 1
Kevin Thompson - Ewok 1
Howie Weed - Wampa 2
Simon Williamson - Max Rebo, Gamorrean Guards (RotJ) 1
Matthew Wood - Bib Fortuna, voice of General Grievous 2

Green indicates people I will be getting autographs from (or know I plan on meeting)
Orange indicates people I would like to get pictures with (and in most cases already have signatures from)

I would like to meet Prowse, Baker, Fisher, and Daniels...but I suspect lines will be prohibitive.....they were at C3.

In the case of the three Cartoon voices, I plan on passing at $20 a pop. I believe all three sign through the mail. Though it would be nice to hve all three sign one photo...$60 is to high for me.


I am the fool who follows
Not to take money out of any hard-working voice performer's pockets, but Mat Lucas and Tom Kane are both good TTM signers (Tom I just got a few weeks back).

Grey DeLisle will not sign TTM - tried and got I believe a price list or an outright RTS.

I was surprised to see some that opted for 2 tickets in lieu of 1. But since there's far more $10 guests that I would have paid $20 for than the other way around, I won't *****.

Emailing you now Skel. Thanks again.


PS - I'm still working out the SW Weekends arrangements. My original plan is to go each weekend. We'll see how that works out. I'm also trying to recruit a couple friends with Disney passes to come for the more important weekends so I can get more autograph coupons (and perhaps be able to grab some for my fellow Bothans). I'll keep you all posted.


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My experience was opposite but longer ago (which may explain why). Grey Delisle signed for me and enclosed a lot extra... including a CD at the time. While I wrote Mat Lucas twice with no response!

Tom Kane was a good signer.

You know how these things go though... money changes everything.


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Anthony Forrest..... I tried him via his home address almost two years ago, but the guy ignored my request. At least he can sign for money.....