Celebration 5 in 2010

Capt. Khurgee

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A Gazillion Thanks!

Dearest Wookie Cookie and Darth Skellington and Megatron,

Guys, I seriously cannot thank you enough for your collection of CV pics. Through your eyes, I have had a chance to see what was going on at the rest of the Celebration. I don't feel that I've missed anything at all. I was really pleased tostay at my post and be available to meet and greet so many fans but I must admit that I did want to borrow one of the Segways whizzing around and have a look at what was happening. Now, thanks to your great collection of pics I really feel as though I've seen it all.

Thanks again my wonderful Spys,



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Re: A Gazillion Thanks!

Celebration 5 was a great success! We all had a great time and hope to post detailed report of our daily activities soon (for those who surely have something better to do).

In short though, we had a great time taking in as much as possible. We got to see Chris on a daily basis, and I also bumped into Toby Philpott on the last day (whom we interviewed a few years ago). I missed Tim Dry (another past interviewee) all three days I stopped by his booth, but I did pick up his new book Continuum, and will post more about it after I've had a chance to read it.

We got to hang out with our Yahoo Star Wars Fan Group brothers (and sister) throughout the con, as well as fellow Spies IG-PPO, Jedi Freezeman, Megatron, and a surprise appearance by Darth Boru was made.

Can't wait to meet up with everyone again!