Celebration 5 Bothan Spy Role Call

Are you attending Celebration V? Please post what days.

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Dark Lord of the Typos
With only about 4 weeks until C5, lets get a role call going of who is actually attending. A lot of our Bothan Spy friends over at the Yahoo SW Fan Group will be attending again, and they always get together, sometimes for dinner, or at the least to attend a common event of interest.

It would be nice for whatever Spies are attending to get together and say hi in person again, even if we go about our own business for most of the convention. That said, if anyone wants to hang out with some of our Yahoo brothers, the invitation is open to join n on the fun.

For those who haven't been to a Celebration, or just to refresh your memory, Wookiee Cookiee and myself are members of the Yahoo Star Wars Fan Group. As a result of our dual connections, many Yahoo group members are also registered Spies, and some Spies have since also joined the Yahoo Group. Back at Celebration III, the Yahoo Group and Bothn Spies met up for lunch in the mall food court. At C4, there were fewer spies in attendance, but we met up and hung out with the Yahoos sporadically all throughout the con, even it it was just sitting together at a panel.

For C5, several Yahoos will be attending, and it looks like we will have more than a few Spies in attendance again as well. I know myself, Wookiee Cookiee, Sir Megatron, and IG-PPO will be attending. Who else?


Dark Lord of the Typos
Erica, myself, and Sir Megatron will be arriving Wednesday afternoon/evening some time. We depart on Monday. We're driving. We're staying at the Rosen Centre.


Sith Hamsters Handler
I will arrive on Monday, August 9. I will visit my cousin that day, she lives about 45 mims from Orlando. She is planning to go with her family on Saturday, so I may plan to do the family activities on Saturday.

I will stay on the Resident Inn near the convention center.