Build A Droid part issue


Dark Lord of the Typos
I noticed this past week, after picking up a few waves of figures and stocking several cases at work, that there may be a Droid part availability issue for collectors. The Endor/Jabba's Palace wave includes the new Jedi Luke figure, who comes with the clear (or in my case...foggy...not sure if that is typical) dome to the blue R3 unit. I do not know if any of the "extra" figures in the case, such as the previously released Biker Scout, might also come with this dome. Anyway, this new Jedi Luke figure is also shipping with the ANH/Cantina wave, but in this wave, he come with the clear/orange dome to the orange R3 unit.

This suggests to me, that Jedi Luke may be a potential peg-warmer. Those who wait to buy him, may end up having trouble getting the Blue R3 dome necessary to complete their droid. I could be wrong, but if you plan on buying this Luke, I would recommend getting one with Blue dome if you plan on building the droid.