Avatar the movie

Avatar the movie was awsome!

I never would have expected something like that to come from James Cameron. It was rated "G" at my local theatre. I took my boys to see it and found out that its a little rougher than that. Wicked CGI and a fantastic storyline make it a great movie weather you are a sci-fi nut or not.

I give it 2 thumbs up

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I thought of going to see it the other day, but arrived too late, so saw Planet 51 instead. :)

From seeing just the adverts / trailers, Avatar looks like an extended version of the wookiee planet battle in Episode III ... except you can understand what the blue guys are saying. :)

I might go and see it later (hopefully I win a free ticket from one of the competitions I've entered) ... I wouldn't mind seeing it at the IMAX cinema, but that's hidiously expensive, especially after adding the cost of parking in the city for a few hours. :(


This was my first 3D movie. I thought it would give me a headache, but I really enjoyed the film.

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Wow! Do you guys really know Sherlock Holmes, and go to the cinema with him?!? Or is it just your 'invisible friend' is called Sherlock Holmes? ;)


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Sherlock Holmes and avatar were both awesome movies. The trailers make SH look like it's over-the top and campy. Whie it does have action, modern action cinematograpy, and humor, it's very much a period piece and well done.

Avatar was amazing. We had planned to see the regular version of it (Coraline in 3D gave us headaches), but ended up seeing Avatar in 3D. The 3D gave us no problems at all, and lends itself very well to the movie. The story was great, but visuals were simply unbelieveable. And I'm not toalking CGI explosions and spaceship.....I'm talking about the landscapes, flora and fauna of the planet Pandora. Truly amazing. You should see the movie for this alone.

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There was a documentary about James Cameron on TV here last night. According to that he finally decided to quit his normal job and try the movie business after seeing a movie by George Lucas called "Star Wars". :)


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I wish!! But I think I prefer Dr. Watson.

Buzz Bumble;86071 said:
Wow! Do you guys really know Sherlock Holmes, and go to the cinema with him?!? Or is it just your 'invisible friend' is called Sherlock Holmes? ;)


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Story-wise it was basically "Dances With Wolves" in space, but it was done very well and, yes, the visuals are so astounding (especially in Imax 3D) that it is absolutely a must see. The Navi are amazing. It is the first time that I have ever "believed" a humanoid CGI main character as real.

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Story-wise it was basically "Dances With Wolves" in space

Many people call it "Dancing with Smurfs". ;)

Unfortunately the up-coming Smurfs movie is going to be a rubbish live-action / CGI mess starring Doogie Howser. :(