AT-TE Playhut found for only $5


Dark Lord of the Typos
Just a heads up guys that Target has it's Star Wars playhuts on clearance. My store marked them 75% off on Thursday. We had a ton of AT-TE playhuts, and one Clone Wars Command Center playhut. Unfortunately for me, someone bought the Command Center on Wednesday for $30....otherwise I would have snagged it for $10. :( The AT-TE's are pretty cool though, and at $5 are quite a steal.

The AT-TE is big enough for 2 small children. This means an adult could sit cross-legged inside it and that about all. :p It features AT-TE artwork on two sides...the front and left side. The back are right have solid blue fabric, and doors or flaps to gain access. The left side with the artwork does have a mesh window near the front cockpit. It appears kinda whited-out in my photo.

We let our Golden Retreiver give it a try....but he's also too big for it. Oh well. Enjoy the pics.