Artoo-Potatoo giveaway


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The Bothan Spy is giving away one very unique collectible,
a Mr. Potato Head Artoo-Potatoo with Princess Tater.​



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To enter, reply to this thread telling us what planet you would live on if you lived in the Star Wars Universe and why.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on March 17.

Good luck!


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Kamino, because I love the rain! (And maybe I could get some clones for myself!)


I Would love to live on Coruscant. It never seems to snow there and the weather looks warm. And who wouldn't love to zip around in those speeders all day 20,000 feet in the air?? And maybe watch a Jedi crash-land a ship once in a while? :D

Rori -- its beautiful like Naboo but also somewhat remote where you could live in a nice quiet village yet still have access to Naboo and its technologies.


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Gallifrey, I want to be a Time Lord, oh wait you meant Star Wars Universe

um Csilla, the Chiss homeworld, would love to know more about the Chiss and the idea of living in a Glacer sounds cool
Tatooine folks.

Its on the outer reaches of the Empire so safe enough. I like the morning scene drinking the blue milk with Owen and Buru.

The planet is warm and the moisture farm looks peaceful. I'd be over at the pod races every Sunday and racing my speeder across the Jundland Wastes. Sounds like a blast.