094 - Andy Cunningham (Ephant Mon)


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Mr. Cunningham is a mime artist who worked on Return of the Jedi as Ephant Mon….Jabba’s arms dealer and old friend. Mr. Cunningham is also credited as a writer and actor for the series Bodger and Badger, in which he plays Badger. Little else is available online about him…although I’m sure he’s done much more.

You can check out Mr. Cunningham’s IMDB page here: http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0192233/
He actually has two IMDB listings…the other one only lists his Star Wars work.

Mr. Cunningham seems willing to sign items sent to him. Response times vary…with some taking months…others much less.

Andy Cunningham
c/o 'Bodger and Badger'
Artists Mail
BBC TV Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ
United Kingdom

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