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Femi Taylor is a Star Wars fan favorite. She played Oola….the ill fated Twi’Lek dancing girl in Jabba’s palace. Ms. Taylor appeared in Return of the Jedi in 1983, and again reprised her role for some new shots of Oola in the mid 1990’s. Since then she has gladly signed items through the mail and made numerous convention appearances. While she has made a few film appearances….most of her performances are on stage. Among her credits is the character Tantomile in the original London musical CATS. She also appears on the video version of CATS. A bit of trivia: Benedict Taylor, who played Naboo Pilot Bravo 2 in Phantom Menace, is her brother.

You can check out Femi Taylor’s IMDB page here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0852361/

Star Wars Insider Magazine issue 34 contains an interview with Femi Taylor.

Some online interviews can be found at these links:

Femi Taylor seems happy to sign for her fans. However, in the past she has requested $10 for an autograph, in part due to the extreme number of requests she received. I’m not sure what her current policy is on signing items. When I made my request several years ago, I sent $10 and my own photo. I received it back inscribed along with a signed typed letter.

Some of you have had success with the Noel St. address, although others have had Return to Senders.

Femi Taylor
c/o Paul Telford Mgnt.
23 Noel St.
London, W1V 3RD

The following address is newer with more recent successes:

Femi Taylor
c/o Paul Telford Management,
3 Greek Street,
London W1D 4DA
United Kingdom

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskellington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

colin the hutt

New Recruit
used the greek street addy in jan sent 2 10x8s both were returned signed and inscribed didnt know about the 10 bucks though
sent 9 jan 2007
recv 17 jan 2007