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Rick McCallum began his Producing career in 1985 with the movie Dreamchild. He followed this up with 8 more movies and mini-series, before landing behind the scenes of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. He’s been with Lucasfilm ever since, and has been involved with Radioland Murders, the SW Special Editions, Prequels, and Executive Produced the Clone Wars cartoon. McCallum has become something of a public relations face for Lucasfilm, and made frequent prequel updates for the Fan Club and hosted sneak previews of ROTS at Celebration III last year. Mr. McCallum reportedly also played a Naboo Courier and Stormtrooper (Special Edition) in background shots.

You can check out Mr. McCallum’s IMDB filmography here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0564768/

Mr. McCallum made frequent Prequel Updates in nearly every issue of Star War Insider Magazine.

Mr. McCallum is something of a specialty request. As Producer of half the Star Wars movies, he’s a big name, and as such is in high demand. He’s both difficult to obtain, and known for answering his mail. He reportedly stopped accepting fan mail in 2004, yet many received backlogged responses in 2005. This past year many people received autographs back from him, including signed items sent to him, and color 8X10s of his own. What’s the catch, you ask? Some of these responses were sent out 5 years ago! That’s right…..anywhere from a 6 month to 5 year turnaround time. I have no idea whether you might get a response or not……but it can’t hurt to spend 78 cents and an index card and see what you get back.

Rick McCallum
c/o Lucasfilm
P.O. Box 2459
San Rafael, CA 94912

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