035 - John Morton (Dack Ralter, Boba Fett)


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Mr. Morton has a short career in acting, having appeared in a number of movies that have proven to be magnets for SW actors. His credits include: A Bridge To Far, Superman II, and Flash Gordon, as well as Cuba, The Shining, and The Last Days. More recently he is involved in writing and military service, and hosted a NATO conference in Brussels in 2000.

Mr. Morton is best known to us as Dak, Luke’s snowspeeder gunner in The Empire Strikes Back. Dak is seriously injured during the battle and Luke is unable to pull him from their downed speeder before a looming AT-AT seals his fate. Bet he doesn’t feel like he can take on the whole Empire now. :p

However, Mr. Morton is also one of the few to play Boba Fett. In the scene where Lando, Vader, and Fett are in the Cloud City prison level while Han is being tortured, it is actually Mr. Morton behind the armor, not Jeremy Bulloch. Mr. Bulloch was ill that day, and being the right size, Mr. Morton was called to save the day. Pictures featuring Vader, Calrissian and Fett are popular for signing, and Mr. Morton is happy to sign these, considering he is in the picture. :p

You can check out Mr. Morton’s IMDB filmography here:


Star Wars Insider Magazine #34 has an interview with Mr. Morton.

Mr. Morton gladly signs for his fans, although he sometimes gets overwhelmed with mail. As long as you include a SASE and postage, you should have no problem getting a response. Also, for $10 he will provide a nice color 8X10 of Dak. This covers his costs, and is the same as what he usually charges at conventions, where proceeds typically go to charity. Mr. Morton always tries to respond to fan mail, and typically includes an up to date form letter. However, his busy schedule can sometime delay responses for many months. I recommend sending out a request now, so the wait won’t seem so long. :)

John Morton
119 Huse Dr.
Annapolis, MD 21403-4113

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.


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Re: TBS Autograph Project 035 - John Morton (Dack Ralter, Boba Fett)

I sent him a letter using the above address oh, say about 3-4 months ago. haven't had a response yet but hope to soon!



HOLY MACKERAL! :eek: This was definitely a surprising success!! Finally received a reply from Star Wars actor John Morton who I sent out in January of 2006!! :eek: Never Imagined I’d see this one ever come back. He signed all four of my blank index cards and personalized two of them to me and my friend Sandy. He added “MTFBWY!” which stands for “May the Force be with you!”

He also included a long typed & signed form letter apologizing for taking years to reply to Fanmail, but that he’d “Working in Homeland Security” & “Primarily supporting state and local folks looking for better ways to prepare and respond to events like Hurricane Katrina & the Haitian Earthquake” but “Ever so briefly, I am now on leave and have some time to turn to my fellow Star Wars fans”

The letter goes on to say what he’s been up to for the past several years and lists his entire film credits he’s done throughout his career. Am quite pleased to say the least and it just goes to show you, that you should never give up on letters even if it takes almost 5 years for a response! Thanks John! :D


3x5 Signed Cards:

Signed Letter:

Sent: January 17th 2006
Replied: November 12th 2010
Days Taken: 1,761

Address Used:

John Morton
119 Huse Dr.
Annapolis, MD 21403-4113

RYAN-J :cool:


Red Squadron
I also recieved a reply from Mr. Morton today!!! He signed my Dak Ralter and
Boba Fett Trading Cards and included the same letter Ryan-J got.

I'm really happy with this one. The autographs look really good and you can see he really took his time signing, looking for the best spot on the card to sign at.

Sent: Nov2009
Replied: Nov2010

Thanks alot Mr. Morton!


Dark Lord of the Typos
Very cool response guys. I got to meet Mr. Morton briefly at CV in the hotel lounge....although sadly I did not have time to carry on much of a conversation. That, and I was a tad out of it. After a 2-day road trip, walking into a hotel bar full of SW actors...some of whom I've met, written to , or interviewed, I was a little shell-shocked to say the least.

He signed for me years ago, and was equally pleasant and humble in person. :)


Red Squadron
RYAN-J;87716 said:
Congratz on getting yours back too! You only had to wait a year! :D


lol yeah. 4 years is crazy, but it's great to see he doesn't just throw the requests in the trash but comes back to them eventually. He seriously made my day. I havn't had a reply in like 4 months (only collecting StarWars and only OT here)

Now let's see who's the next surprise out of the 40+ requests I still got pending xD


Congrats on your successes! I met him at CV. :D Maybe I'll send him the photo of me and him and see if he'll sign it.