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    What's the best way for overseas?

    I just made an account to buy regular old stamps from them to have mailed to me, just when I checkout the cart gives me an error. Error: Problem encountered - Display process failure I looked it up and it's supposed to be some web kind of error so I'll have to wait until they figure it out...
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    A4 card?

    So what US frame do I use to make it fit, do I get a matte to cover corners or something?
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    A4 card? What's he mean an A4 card, whats the US size of that, it's coming in a few days and I'm not sure what that is. I looked and some places said this or that, I never trust google so please don't tell me it's my freind. :P TYIA
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    What's the best way for overseas?

    Hey sorry was in the bathroom, where were we? Would this work or is it only for UK citizens?
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    What's the best way for overseas?

    So what are you telling me exactly. But them online then right? :cool: What's the cost for say UK to the current Star Wars Roster to here? We have any confirmed hits for the cast? I have some from but you know how they are.
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    What's the best way for overseas?

    The US post office gave my gf a world of sh*t because they have no clue now how to do SASE's with UK stamps. (Why am I not suprised?) How is it done now? Do I have to but stamps from the UK then have them shipped then put them on the SASE? TYIA
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    RYAN-J's Fan-Made Autograph pictures

    Ryan hi!!!, Been a few years, but what font is that you are using? TYIA
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    020 - Julian Glover (General Maxmillian Veers)

    OMG!!, I totally forgot about this guy. Thought he was great. He really played off the Imperial snakey evilness in the best scenes in the OT. (That's Original Trilogy to you young folk.) <-Grab's Pen
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    Jason Wingreen, Airplane!

    Anyone ever see the scene where the doctor is discussing the Heart Transplant he needs to make on the phone with the Captain, and the heart to be transplanted starts jumping all over the desk? That's Jason Wingreen, original voice of Boba Fett. Anyone want a screenshot for an autograph? He'd...
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    079 - Brian Blessed (Boss Nass)

    I got the same bonus B&W Picture myself. The man has class! Someone needs to make a photo of him from Flash Gordon.
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    Did ya guys miss me?

    :P I'm back, what did I miss?
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    New Autographs!

    God you guys scare me...:D...anyways you can send a pm for the addy. It will mean alot more when we finally go back on the air.
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    New Autographs!

    LOL for who me?
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    Certain Cable channels have hit bottom.

    That whole concept kind of makes sense in a way. Well, at least the fiction part. Oh, btw does Sci-FI still have those crap original movies where they use CGI stolen from Playstation 1 graphic programmers?