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    Star Wars Chocolate M Pire

    Foghorn Leghorn could always be a clone trooper or somethin' anyways...I beg to differ...I acually think these M&M Chocolate Mpire figs are pretty cool. I have Oranger Character as Emporer Palpatine Red Character as Anakin skywalker Red Character as Clone Trooper Yellow Character as...
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    Wedge makes it Down Under!

    Thats good. seeing new wedge figures. :)
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    dustrho's Customs

    I must say, That Renegade AT-TE Driver is awesome! :D
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    #23 Senate Guard

    If I ever see a Blue senate Guard I'm not even going to Hesitate to buy... :)
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    The Speeder Or The Star Desroyer?

    I like speeder because their like futuristic Motor cycles. Star Destroyers are slow. Yes, they can blow things up but the speeders are very fast. :rock:
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    #23 Senate Guard

    I havn't seen the Blue Guard. I've only seen the Red Guard here in Nova Scotia, Canada.
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    How to make an X-Wing with two tickets

    that is amazing...
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    dustrho's Customs

    okay. You, are a Starwars action figure cosutomizing Genius! :) my favorite custom that you created would have to be the Desert clone trooper. it's awesome. :)
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    WTB Lava Vader, Holo Yoda, Early Bird Kit

    well, sorry...I don't have a Holo Yoda or a Lava Vader, because: Holo Yoda- Ran out before I could grab one. :( Lava Vader- Target is in the states not Canada :(
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    TRU Holo Yoda

    danit! I havn't known ROTS figures were being sold until Thursday April, 21st, 2005 around 3:30pm after school ended. then I found out at my local TRU, They didn't have any more Holo Yoda...they sold out first day... :'(
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    Favorite Character from the originals..

    Re: Admiral Ackbar, Jek Porkins or captain Antilles I believe you..BarneyFife...I guess the Jek Prokin is a CII Celebration figure. anyways...My favorite character from the OT. God guys: Luke Skywalker Bad guys: Darth Vader
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    So when are you going to EP3?

    I went to Starwars Episode III: Revenge of the sith on May, 19th, 2005. couldn't go to the midnight screening to the movie of a lifetime because my parents wouldn't allowe me to go... I had school the Next day :( stupid school ruining my chance to go to a midnight screening of Starwars...
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    Early Bird Figures

    I dunno why...but Nova Scotia, Canada got some early bird figures. and I was all like "whoa...why did we get the early bird figures?" and so I asked one of Wal*mart's employees and he said this: "This shipment was supposed to be delivered to Mayne, USA but they made a major mistake on...
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    Target Exclusive Lava Vader

    well, too bad I can't go to Target and pick myself up one...or two... ahem...I don't have a Target but I might aswell pick myself up a Lava Reflection Darth Vader on E-bay. or some other website that sells Starwars 3"75 action figures.
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    Thanks :D anyways...this Thread is starting to get alittle bit off guess we should get alittle bit on topic. :)