5th Anniversary Giveaway #3

Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by AmShak, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member



    Our next giveaway is an Autographed 8x10 of General Grievous with Shaak Ti from the Revenge of the Sith DVD. This was signed by both Orli Shoshan and Matthew Wood at the SFX show in Dallas this past Summer.
    Click Here to learn how to enter for your chance to win​
  2. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is, reply to this thread. In your reply tell us what you would suggest to General Grievous, to help that nasty cough of his. Be as specific and/or creative as you like. The winner will be selected at random, "about" two weeks after the last giveaway is announced. You must be a member of our forums. One entry per member.
  3. i would tell griovous to go see palpytine or dooku to have them use the forse to remove it or tell him to take 2 teablespoons of nyqual and call me in the morning
  4. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccoooooooooooooooooolllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  5. Jaguar

    Jaguar New Recruit

    He needs an oil change.
  6. Guttersnipe

    Guttersnipe New Recruit

    I would tell him he needs to lay off the Death Sticks and he needs to "go home and rethink his life ".
  7. mynock11

    mynock11 Sith Medic

    a good amount of vapor rub would do the trick..
  8. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    I would suggest that he goes and see if his lungs are still under warrenty from Count Dooku and have them replaced.
  9. RYAN-J


    My guess is that he has asthma and should have a nice long breathing treatment.

    RYAN J.
  10. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man New Recruit

    Honestly, I wouldn't tell him to fix his cough. I hope he chokes on his heart and dies
  11. darkside449

    darkside449 New Recruit

    2 table spoons of rat poison and call me in the morning!
  12. IG-PPO

    IG-PPO Sith Hamsters Handler

    Connect to his OS site, download the lastest Service Pack, install all hotfixes. This will cure his cough, but it sure will make him explode in flames.
  13. Jedi Daniel

    Jedi Daniel Geek Jedi

    I'd tell him to not have such a flimsy lung system, not to have flamible/explosive liquids right next to it for someone to shoot/force grip.
  14. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    He could always come round the office and lick test our backup generator ;)

    That's sure to either kill or cure him!
  15. nack5811

    nack5811 Spy

    Tinman: "O-i-l C-a-n"
  16. xwing25

    xwing25 New Recruit

    i would tell him to go see a armor smith to first fix his chest and take the presure off his lungs
  17. Yodasnews

    Yodasnews New Recruit


    2 Squirts Every 4 Hours!
  18. starfox27

    starfox27 New Recruit

    a doctor once said take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning, but that will not work for this situation....so try 2 cans of hot chicken noodle soup, you have to quit the clubbin and smokin though
  19. Pete Windu

    Pete Windu New Recruit

    I'd tell Grievous to suck on some hard candy to soothe his pain...
  20. azazel

    azazel New Recruit

    clearly he needs some Glucosamine with Fish Oil!

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