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"Borrowed" from the Star Wars New Zealand website ...

Looking for Star Wars on the web? Look no further! Ever wonder how big the online Star Wars galaxy really is? Well, drop by to find out.

With over 1,000 sites already listed (and they're just getting started), is the largest Star Wars specific directory in the galaxy. Use the advanced search and sorting capabilities to find links to Star Wars sites you never knew existed. Rate and review your favorite sites to let others know why they're the best. Drill down into over 125 specific categories to find exactly the types of sites you're looking for - eliminating having to wade through non-relevant results from the major search engines.

You can also enter the free giveaway for your chance to win a PROMO 'Mynock Hunt' Chewbacca mini-bust - compliments of sponsors at Gentle Giant, Ltd., and check back there regularly for more competitions.

I've only had a very quick look, but it could be quite useful. :)


Binder of the Galaxy
Hey folks, I'm Pete, the owner of GalacticBinder. I hope you guys all enjoy the site. We have only just begun over there and our plans are to have 10,000 listings within one year!

We at GB are totally digging Bothan Spy. We plan on coming back quite often and chatting.

Who here can I contact about you guys "Taking Ownership" of your listing? Also, if you guys give us a link and/or run our press release, we'll upgrade you to be a "Featured" site.

Don't forget to enter the contest for the free Chewie bust! :)


Dark Lord of the Typos
AmShak is the founder of The Bothan Spy. You can send him a PM using that name. I'll send him an e-mail asking him to take a look at this page and Galactic Binder. :)