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PC & Tech Authority has a pre-review (full review coming "next week") of the new Sphero BB-8 remote control droid.

It looks quite nice, but expensive (especially for me since I'd also need to buy a mobile phone to control it with!).

There was a small stand full of boxes of these in the doorway of the JB Hi-Fi store I went into today (I was looking for the Rebels Season 1 DVD which was due on 2 September, but has apparently been delayed until 16 September).
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Here's a few links that might (or might not) be interetsing:

  • Sphero BB-8 teardown reveals robot tech inside this rolling 'Star Wars' droid
    The Sphero BB-8 toy may not be powered by the Force, but Bill Detwiler cracks this rolling robot open to show you the tech inside.
  • Star Wars BB8. Your little round BFF
    Small, spherical, not cheap but truly fascinating.
  • Could this be the cutest Star Wars Toy ever?
    Orbotix have crafted what is likely to be one of the cutest Star Wars toys I’ve seen for awhile. Better still, BB-8 is also a hell of a lot of fun.
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Later this year, Sphero are planning to release:
  • a "battle worn" version, i.e. the same droid with a different paint-job (they've been taking lessons from Hasbro),
  • a "Force Band" controller - a wearable device that lets you controll the droid using hand gestures instead of needing a mobile phone.

A prototype version of the "Force Band" was shown at the US Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (MacRumors link).


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I'll be curious to see how the Force Band works. The whole concept of mind or body controlled devices is pretty intriguing, although perhaps a bit at the periphery of our technology yet.

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The technology has been around for a while now - the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinnect being the two most obvious examples, but there's also bee various rings and gloves.

In the newspaper last week there was an article about using VR gloves to play a real instrument without physically touching it. It said something like "brings a new level to air guitar and Guitar Hero games".