Selling my Lord of the Rings figures.


Am I lovable? Hope so.
I have the following Lord of the Rings loose action figures that I am trying to sell off. If you may be looking for any of these and would like to work out omething, send me a pm. Here's my list:

Carded Trilogy Twilight Frodo C-8.5-9 (thre available) $6.00 ea

Helm's Deep Aragorn $3.50
Helm's Deep Legolas $3.50
Gandalf the Grey Two Towers $3.50
Prologue Elven Warrior $3.50
Elrond Prologue $3.50
King Aragorn $3.50
Merry in Rohan Armor $3.50
Witch King Ringwraith Fellowship $3.50
Twilight Rignwraith $3.50
Legolas Fellowship $3.50