Looking to Sell Selling my 12" SW Figure Collection


New Recruit
Hello I have some 12 inch star wars figures I want to sell, or trade (but not for toys). I am located in the united states.

INTRO: I used to collect 12" figures, then I lost the spirit somewhere and they just started sitting in a closet. So I broke the golden rule, yep I OPENED THEM
and placed them on shelves and on top my tv, and this was cool for a while. Then I got married and back into the closet they went ha ha. Then came kids and well some of the figures ended up getting PLAYED with, my inner geek died that day...but the daddy in me was over joyed to see my kids enjoying my toys...and now comes divorce, so I am trying to SELL them, to buy beer and hookers...ok well at least the beer...

FEEDBACK/Shipping:So I am new here, but I do have ebay feedback with about 70 positive and no negative feedbacks for both buying and selling for many years. I am willing to list on ebay for u, or otherwise help you to feel secure in our dealings. But please do not try to have me "send first", you have a better chance getting your money back from paypal or ebay as a buyer than I do getting my item(s) back as a seller...that said I am sure we can work something out, I will ship to you within 5 days of purchase, I will 99.9 percent of the time be able to ship next day.

PICS: I have a Photo Album http://s1176.photobucket.com/albums/x329/KuZ-/Star Wars Figures/ that shows simple pics of all figures (I am still in the process of listing them so check back frequently:)

CONDITION: These figures are not in the most "collectible" condition. Most are lose figures, many accessories are missing. The have either been drawing dust on a bookcase shelf, or sitting in storage for years. Some have been played with. Now that do sent mean they are crap, if they were I wouldn't bother... They are all in great condition for diorama display, or parts for making customs.. by and large there is little damage, no melted arms etc. Just dusty or not stored well. I will attempt to make note of anything I see wrong with the figure, but please feel free to ask me for more detail pics, or info.

The Figures!
12" Gamorrean Guard (has two axe weapon things)
12" Taun Taun (kids played with it some but I see no damage)
12" Clone Trooper Yellow
12" Clone Trooper Red (kids played rough, marks on armor)
12" Talking Yoda (still talks when you press his hand)
12" Chewbacca in chains (has chains, pouch, strap)
12" Royal Guard (dusty but otherwise great cond)
12" Darth Sidious (dusty, missing boots)
12" Han Solo (Boxed)

That's what I have rounded up so far..I will post more as I retrieve it from storage at the x's. I would like to sell the whole lot, but will accept offers on single figures too. I have been researching thier value on ebay but would rather not set prices yet..so just offer what you think its worth. As for trades I do not want toys, but would be interested in mp3 players or a ps3 or other cool things.

You can email me at clownprincebaron@yahoo.com if you would like