Podrace III - Day 1

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Jar Jar Binks

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Today's winner is Ody Mandrell followed by Ben Quadinaros in 2nd and Wan Sandage in 3rd.


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the game is being updated.. i will place a link to the next days thread here when it's ready.

Standings after Day 1

6 xwing25
6 wookiee_cookiee*
6 schmuck man
6 Cornfritter
3 Buzz Bumble
3 rogueace2000
3 ephantmon
1 obre
1 darthskellington
0 CoruscantCosta
0 chris solo
0 Rancisis
0 darkside449
0 Black Robot
0 Alf
0 JediBeagle
0 mynock11
0 Mittbretturuodo

*not eligible to win the prize

Click here for Day 2.
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