Original Trilogy Rara Footage Infomation.


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Hi there.

This is my first post and I am not sure if this in the correct section but I'll continue anyway. If I am breaking any rules please del the post and PM me and I'll post again with in the rules.

I'm currently trying to assemble a "ultimate" collection of Starwars Footage. Anyone helping me will be rewarded with the knowledge that they are helping starwars fans as I will be releasing the collection with rar's high res covers onto the net for anyone to download + I'll snail mail them a copy as thanks. (share not rip off people.... If lucus was going to release the original uncuts we wouldn't have to do all this!!)

Currently I have a DVD-R rip from the 9 Disk Laser disk Set of the original Trilogy and the special feature disk form the same release. This is freely available to download off the net already.

To add to this release I have a very high quality version of the Starwars Holiday Special *well the highest qual version I have ever seen) and a heap of other footage (thumbwars, hardware wars, Muppet starwars guests etc etc) And I am making an additional DVD for all that stuff.

Now the original laser disk set has a LOAD of space.... so I want to build a nice "ultimate" collection (I call it the Force Collection --> Final.Original.Released.Certified.Edition) 5 disks. 3 for the original edits of the trilogy, 1 for holiday special / parodies and assorted junk and 1 for special features. + disk labels, dvd box covers and Collection Box covers.

THIS brings me to the point of my post.

I am still trying to find good versions of some hard to find footage from the original series. The most easy to find would be the movie files contained in my Behind the Magic cd-rom. I can not figure out HOW to rip this data out. I know it can be done as video @ Blueharvest.net has the behind the magic footage available to download as MOV files. Thing is they have downsampled all the stuff for lower bandwidth and www server space saving.

Dose ANYone know how I can rip these movie files out of the behind the magic cdrom or alternatively know any good links or wish to send me nice high res versions of that footage. Remember I am turning this data into a dvd-r so the higher res the better.

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Sorry I might not have been clear. I do not have issues in converting video formats... in fact I have all that completly sussed..... The problem is that the Behind The Magic cdroms have the movie files hidden .. or embeded in large "pack" files full of data...

I am asking if there is a way to extract the movie files from the cdrom?


If anyone has any links (www/ftp/irc etc etc) for a good source of starwars footage like the behind the magic cdrom.

thanks again.


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I read through that first post too quickly.

I don't own the Behind the Magic CD, so I don't really have any idea how it's stored on that disk or how to extract what you want.

Is is possible that BlueHarvest used a less sophisticated method of capturing the video than what you're attempting? I can't view the video at the moment, so that's a total shot in the dark.