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I'm not sure what the third variation is. there is the dull helmet, the shiney helmet and then I believe there is another variation on the shiney helmet, but i'm not sure what it is.


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I think there's a variation on "how" shiney the helmet is. I think the first version was very shiney, the second slightly less shiney and the thrid being completely dull.

I dunno.. I've generally just considered there to be two variations: shiney helmet and dull.


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Three Var's

My understanding from another site is there are three variations. Shiney-semi shiney-dull. The author supported these variants with three different card back code numbers. Mine is the dull one with stamped number #11971. The other two numbers were something like #11968 & #11973...Can't remember for sure. :jacko:


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I have found that there are dull and shiny helmets on each date stamp. There does seem to be some variation in the dullness or the shine.

Date Stamp
12041 this stamp has the helmets that have the most shine and the dullest of what i have found.

11971 & 11921 have both the shiny version and the dull version, but not to the extent of the 12041 date stamp.

All of this may just be my imagination, and I'm still sticking with the "two version" theory, but i would like to know what you have found.

It's hard to get a good pic while they are in the bubble, but i am attaching a pic of the difference between the shine and the dull.


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The Skinney

These are the variations that I have found so far:

Card Nunber 11921- 1 shiny 1 dull
Card Number 11971- 1 dull
Card Number 12041- 1 shiny
Card Number 12331- 1 shiny 1 dull
I agree that there are probably two versions; one shiny and one dull. It also may be that every card number may have both versions.