Natalie Portman on SNL


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That was funny!

Yum Jamba Juice!! I had 3 protein boosts yesterday and on the way home from work I lifted a car off a kid, except it wasn't a kid it was a kit-kat bar wrapper!!


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Wow. I remember when SNL was funny. The Bush skit was funny and it was all downhill from there.

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I used to hate SNL. For some reason, I thought last night was somewhat funny. I thought the whole Transamerica thing was stupid, but loved the whole boost thing in the smoothie shop or whatever. They were so funny when the woman didn't want her free boost


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I liked the SW sequence. :D I haven't seen SNL in a while.....I miss a lot of the cast that has left. For teh most part..this was a so-so episode. BUt, SNL always had a 50/50 good/crap ratio. :p


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The monologue and the Jamba Juice thing were pretty good. That rap thing was friggin awesome! Thanks, Joel. I didn't even know she was hosting.