My trade list

Pimlan Vos

Kiffar from Kiffex
Hi everyone! I'm from Belgium and I'm looking for someone to trade with. Just take a look at my have list and tell me if you see anything. I don't have a want list since there's still sooo much stuff that I would like to be in my collection, so just tell me what you have up for trades in return.

Star Wars Tradelist (everything is MOC unless noted otherwise)


FX-7 Medical Droid

-Bend Ems:

Chewbacca (card in pretty bad shape, opener)

-POTF2 (green cards):

Han Solo in Endor gear (no holo on card, tri-logo version)
Hoth Rebel Soldier (no holo on card)
Han Solo in Carbonite (no holo on card, tri-logo version)
Bossk (no holo on card, tri-logo version)
Bespin Han Solo (no holo on card)
Rebel Fleet Trooper (no holo on card)
Dengar (hologram)
Han Solo (no holo on card)

-POTF2 orange cards:

Han Solo in Carbonite
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo (tri-logo)

-POTF2 green card deluxe figures:

Emperor Palpatine (Power FX)
Han Solo with Smuggler Flight Pack (tri-logo, not released on green card in US I think)

-Saga 2002 Deluxe figures:

Flying Geonosian
Darth Tyranus with Force Flipping Action
Anakin Skywalker with Force Flipping Action
Anakin Skywalker with Geonosian Warrior x2

-Saga 2002 basic figures:

C-3PO (Protocol Droid) European Quadrilingual card

-Saga 2004 basic figures:

Dutch Vander Gold Leader (Battle of Yavin) Bubble not perfectly centered

-Comics non-star wars:

The Punisher #30 - Holy War! (1989)
Captain America #394 - The Last Laugh Belongs to Red Skull (1991)
Elseworlds Annual #3 - Robin


Episode I Belgian Canal+ filmposter
LOTR Frodo 'One Ring' filmposter


LOTR Pepsi collector cans: Gimli and Arwen
Star Wars Episode I candy collector tins: Anakin Skywalker x2
Star Wars Episode I lolly pop collector tins: Queen Amidala with Anakin & Jar jar
Star Wars Episode I Smiths Chips Jar Jar Binks Sticky Tongue Toy
Young Jedi CCG cards (just ask what you're after)


Star Wars Trilogy 3-disc DVD set with DTS and DD5.1 (All Regions) laser disc copy
Battlefield Earth Special Edition (Region 1)
Moulin Rouge Special 2-disc Edition (Region 1)

You can find pics of the items at
Just browse the list for a pic of the item you're interested in.

Thanks for looking!