Most favorite SW blurbs found on TV or Movie poll!

Your most favorite SW scene's from TV or other

  • The Simpson's

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Friends

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • South Park

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Other (other TV show's or Movie related)

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New Recruit
My most favorite SW blurbs, that I have seen would have to be these:

-Simpson's (of course!):hello: :roflmao:
-Undergrads (every show has SW refrnc's):spin:
-South Park (Wookies don't live on Endor sketch) :laugh:
-Free Enterprise (the scene where they are visiting TRU):laugh:
-Friends (Jennifer Aniston as Slave Leia - On behalf of all male SW fan's we thank you Jennifer!):love:
-Clerks (classic moment with Dante & Randal talking about the Death Star):roflmao:

There are many more, but I can't remember them all...sigh

P.S. I remember watching the SW Christmas special when I was a young ladd... AND I LOVED IT!!!!:rockon:


Staff member
Every Kevin Smith movie has a reference to Star Wars. I'm not sure if Clerks: The Animated Series had any or not (it only had 6 shows made before getting cancelled :( ).

But, if nothing else, Clerks (the movie) makes excellent use of the song "Chewbacca" by Supernova.

Other than that, I like the Wookie sketch from South Park.


New Recruit

The latest issue of Star wars Insider there is a HUGE article with Kevin Smith. There they show all the SE refrences, including the "Clerks" cartoon. They take Lucas to court for EP1 and a bunch of other funny stuff.

You can pick up all these episodes on DVD. How sweet is that?



New Recruit
I just saw The Simpsons episode where Mark Hamill makes an appearance. Homer ends up as his bodyguard. That show is great!
My favorite would have to be the Friends episode though. You can't beat Jennifer Aniston dressed up as Slave Leia. Well, maybe if you substituted Aniston with Britney Spears, Jessica Alba (Dark Angel), Shannon Elizabeth....I better calm down!


Staff member
Has anyone seen The Powerpuff Girls' episode Boogie Frights? It has a LOT of SW references, and it is hilarious.

I also remember Chewbacca being on Simpsons in the episode that had Mulder & Scully in it. I think he wore a shirt that said Homer's a dope. :ufo:

That 70's Show had that ep in the first season where Donna was Leia and Jackie was a stormtrooper and said, you guys have to join the dark side...its so cool!!

And I liked when Dr. Evil told Austin Powers he was his father in Austin Powers 2. LOL Um, not really, no... :) :vader:


Scout and Bounty Hunter

um, guys. In case you haven't noticed.... Kevin Smith is a huge Star Wars fan. That's kinda why if you flip this month's issue of the Insider over it has him on the cover.

From the Death Star's independent contractors being murdered by Luke in Clerks.

Mallrat's gave us Silent Bob trying to levitate cigarette's using the "Jedi Mind Trick" as Jay so elloquently put it.

Chasing Amy... um... I don't remember. I dated a lesbian once so I blocked half the movie from my memory.

Dogma... ditto. But Silent Bob did throw a guy off a train, turn around and say "No Ticket". That counts for something.

Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back. Hmmm.... where do you want to start off? It stars Mark Hamill who wields a Jedi and has the best line "Don't F**K with the Jedi Master" . Carrie Fisher as a nun. Silent Bob uses the Force to grab his "Bongsaber" while Jay wields a double-bladed bongsaber.