Jeremy Bulloch TTM Rumor?

Greg Jones

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I just read on another forum from a post dated late Jan. 2011 that Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) is no longer accepting TTM autograph requests. Has anyone on here heard of this? And I was JUST getting ready to send a glossy and a figure to him to sign. :(


Yes, he'll no longer be accepting things after March I beleve. The guy was great with mail for years. You can however still buy signed photos via his website though.

RYAN-J :cool:

Greg Jones

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As I just posted in another thread, I have just discovered that Mr. Bulloch is going to be at an event next weekend that's about 2 hours away from me. Guess the luck of the Irish was with me yesterday. :) For anyone around the Kansas City area, Jeremy Bulloch will be at the Planet Comicon Kansas City on March 26 & 27.


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Sorry to hear he will no longer be signing for free...but everyone has had a pretty good window of opportunity to get in a request. He's still a mainstay at many conventions and signings.


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Really? I must have been one of his last TTM autographs. I sent out to him on 20 April 2011 and received back in early June.


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well he has stated before that US fans do not send enough money to cover costs to send the mail back to the US. makes sense.