Jedi a religion?


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After reading Darth Aussies entry on the main page I felt compelled to post about it on the forums to see what everyone's thoughts were on this.
I think it is funny but if people want to live their lives based on the ideals of the Jedi, more power to you.
As long as you aren't out to hurt anyone and respect others beliefs, where can the harm be?
Shoot, maybe if more people practiced Jedi-ism(?) the world would be a MUCH better place.

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:hurl: That news freaked me out!... All I gotz to say is watch that documentary called "Trekies"... There are always a bunch a roaches in the kitchen that ya just can't get rid of!:rolleyes:

"If you join now, our religion:worship: comes complete with a waving bronzed Yoda statue for your dash board:wavey: , a 1 week supply of Wookie flavoured communion wafers, a free Jedi robe with braid and a special set of rose colored glasses!...":rockon:

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jedi religion?

Reading Talon's comment's i have to agree. the current state of affairs troubling the world probably would not exist if "jedism?" was around. we'd be a lot better off i think.

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Well...........I recently read an artical on that subject in the NY Post the other day. Now I'm not a Holy Joe or anything and am not really into religion, but I can understand that in gereral some folks do need spritial lifting at times. If the "Jedi" is their venue, then all the power to them. Sometimes, when I need to step back a step or two I read the Teachings of Buddha: Lotus in a Stream or Poems of Ch'an. Another lifting or escape is Starwars, especially collecting and net surfing. Both works for me!

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Hey Deathstar....

:roflmao: I damn near fell out of my chair when I read your message! 18 wheeled Blockade Runner of justice!!!!!!! YA BABY!!!:rockon: Duhh Duh.. Du - Du - DU -Duuu.... DAAAAA NAAA NAA NAAAA NA... Duh Duh DU DUHHHHH!
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Nice one Deathstar! LOL... Nope it's han from one of the blooper photos from SW-ANH...Not our little buddy Gilligan!


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The UK has added Jedi to the religion category for their 2001 census.
Impressive, most impressive!